better world residency


In the quiet months of the Alaskan autumn, Tidelines Institute is pleased to welcome individuals working to make the world a better place across the disciplines. Whether you are an artist or scientist, inventor or activist, writer or philosopher, you need time and space for deep focus on your good work. That’s what the Better World Residency is for.


Residency Dates: October 15th-November 4th, 2022 (exact dates flexible)
Application Deadline: August 22nd, 2022

What to Expect

in terms of the application process

The Better World Residency is open to individuals 18+ working in any discipline or profession to make the world a better place. We welcome only one resident at a time. If you are not selected, you may reapply for a future residency. The application is available here.

... in terms of what we offer residents

This four week residency includes room, board, utilities, and up to $400 travel reimbursement. Residents are also welcome to make use of Tidelines Institute recreational equipment after appropriate orientation.

… in terms of climate and surroundings

Southeast Alaska is home to one of the most dynamic ecosystems on earth, featuring old-growth forests, rocky coastlines, massive ice fields, and the rich marine waters of the Inside Passage. This is your home for the duration of your residency. At our Inian Islands Campus, you will live at the sole human outpost on a remote island archipelago, 25 miles west of the town of Gustavus, Alaska. Moderated by the ocean, the climate is temperate throughout the year. October weather is cool and damp, usually in the 40s by day and the 30s by night. Rain is common and snow possible. The sun rises around 8am and sets around 5pm.

… in terms of housing & food

Room and board are provided as part of the residency, and the guest cabin at our Inian Islands Campus provides the perfect setting for creativity and concentration. The space has a downstairs bed, bath, kitchenette, and living area, as well as a loft bedroom upstairs. You will largely have the space to yourself during daytime hours, but 1-2 other Tidelines staff members may be housed in the loft during all or part of your residency.

Please note that the cabin is heated solely with a wood stove. We will train you on how to use the stove, and you will be responsible for keeping it stoked as needed throughout your stay.

There is electricity and running water, but no internet or cell service at your cabin. These are both available in the main house, 25 yards away, where you will likely take meals. Meals will be prepared by Tidelines staff and gap year students, who will be on-site at the time. We can accommodate most but not all dietary restrictions, so please contact us if you have concerns in this area.

in terms of community

Though the Inian Islands Campus is usually a quiet place in the fall, this year will be a bit livelier! For at least part of your residency, you can expect the to see our homesteading residents, their two children, 2-4 other staff members, six gap year students, and 3 dogs. Other parts of the residency may be quieter. Regardless, your cabin will provide you with the space for deep concentration during the work day. The rest of the time, you are welcome to join in community meals, activities, and adventures!

… in terms of residency expectations

The Better World Residency is your time to do the work you need to do. We do not need to see a finished product at the end of your time here, though if you have one to present, we’d love to know about it! That said, we do expect:

(a) for you to share something about your work with the Gustavus community through a presentation or workshop immediately before or after your residency

(b) for you to share a blurb about and a photo or two of your work for a Tidelines social media post

(c) for you to work with the Homesteading Residents to take part in meal prep, dishes, and other basic chores (e.g. splitting kindling, shoveling snow, etc.)

… in terms of recreation

The Inian Islands Campus boasts world-class sea kayaking opportunities. Our staff will make sure you get trained and outfitted to take full advantage. There are also lovely off-trail walks and hikes. Our main house has a full shelf of board games, a rich library of local natural & cultural history, and a projector for movie nights. Decent but not excellent wifi and cell service are both available in the main house as well.