Scientific Research


Each year, Tidelines Institute provides a home base for visiting scientists whose research contributes to our understanding of this diverse and dynamic region. We welcome partnership inquiries from scientists of all disciplines, and particularly encourage those who hope to involve and inspire young scientists and environmental leaders through their work.

The Institute is also continuing to build out its longterm scientific monitoring systems, collecting longitudinal data that tracks this region’s ongoing changes.

Scientists interested in partnering with Tidelines Institute are invited to reach out to Co-Executive Director Zach Brown (

current & past partnerships

Southeast Alaska Tribal Ocean Research (SEATOR) – monitoring ocean chemistry and biology with a focus on local food security and traditional harvest. (2021-present)

Alaska Department of Fish & Game – monitoring a major sea lion hotspot at the Inian Islands in order to minimize negative interactions between wildlife and fishermen. (2020-present)

Aaron Strong, Ph.D., Hamilton College – measuring carbon chemistry in a region highly susceptible to ocean acidification. (2019-present)

Gustavus School – documenting water chemistry and anadromous fish species in the Good River and and unnamed tributary creek. (2020)

Alyssa Adler, National Geographic Young Explorer – a visual & scientific journey into Alaska’s kelp forests to understand their behavior and seasonality. (2019)

National Park Service – an expedition for student leaders to collect baseline ecological data in a remote part of Glacier Bay National Park. (2018)